I've been torn in two, ripped from the inside out. Hanging on by a thread with this noose around my neck. I can't break free from these chains that are binding me. As I walk down this path I hear the sweet song of the serpent's song. I'm at the end of my rope with my feet hanging off the edge. She whispers in my ear the same song that the devil sings me to sleep. It's getting hard to carry on with this anchor dragging me down. Iv'e grown weak and weary as the storm rages on, I feel my life slipping away from me. I feel my life slipping away. Everyday is a constant struggle, a raging battle against myself. This addiction grows stronger and stronger taking damage on my health. I can't continue on this way standing inches from my grave. I've seen the damage I've done and I can't walk away. I can't walk away from this pain. Her sweet voice draws me back. This hunger is eating me alive. This has become suicide. I've been in denial living life with an apathetic smile. I'll never make it home with the path that I walk, for so long I've lived in my own ways. As I look at myself, I now realize this is not who I'm supposed to be. No addiction is worth the cost of my life.


from Through The Looking Glass, released April 23, 2013



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Alive In Me Las Vegas, Nevada

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